The Breakup Coach

The Breakup Coach

Who is The BreakUp Coach?

My name is The Breakup Coach. I'm a psychologist and certified life coach who for several years specialized in breakups, divorce, and independent living. I worked with many clients, both one-on-one and in groups, to help them get over and move on from difficult breakups that were keeping them stuck.  My work with those clients inspired this website in the hope that I might help a wider audience.

Why would anyone need a breakup coach?

My professional and personal experience have taught me that breakups are probably the one thing in life most likely to make otherwise basically healthy people feel and act pretty darn crazy. It doesn't matter how smart you are, how successful, how beautiful, or cool--a bad breakup is going to make you lose it on some level.

Somewhere right now there is probably a multimillionaire former model with a book deal and a shelf full of humanitarian awards who's huddled on her couch in 2-day-old pajamas, crying over some guy who has broken her heart. She's just called him and hung up for the third time, and she hates herself for doing it but she's been logging into his account and reading his emails (he once revealed that he used his childhood dog's name as a password). Now she's feeling heartbroken AND ashamed of herself (two tastes that do NOT taste great together). And, honestly, I have to say that a couple of my worst breakups have made me do some of the weirdest and most dangerous things in my own life. Suffice to say I could have used my own breakup coach back in the day, and I think many otherwise well-adjusted women would say the same.

What made you want to specialize in breakups?

Although heartbreak may make us feel crazy, that doesn't mean we always have to act crazy as a result, and end up doing things that just make us more unhappy. I can only imagine, if we could add them all up, the number of work days missed (never mind all the FUN days), pounds gained, friendships damaged, animals left un-played-with, adventures unexplored, opportunities unrecognized, all because of people not being able to get over their ex. The numbers would be staggering.

So in answer to "why breakups", aside from liking it and being pretty good at it, I believe that it's a place where a lot of good can be done. If the legions of really wonderful, amazing women out there could experience love (and yes, heartbreak) with a little less kookiness, slightly fewer drunk dials, gallons of ice cream mechanically eaten, and other things they'll wish later they hadn't done, what could they accomplish with all of that reclaimed energy? The sky's the limit. And that thought warms my heart, inspires creativity, and gives me a deep sense of purpose. As I've said time and again, if we have to go through breakups, we may as well do it in style, and its an honor to help so many amazing, inspiring women out there do just that.

Are you available to work with clients one-on-one?

While I worked with many clients directly to help thresolve their breakups in years past, my area of specialization has changed.  However, I still maintain this website and update its content in order to continue helping as many people as I can.

What are you up to these days if you're no longer directly involved in breakup coaching?

After I started a family I discovered a need among many new parents I knew to get help with their children's and/or their own sleep. So I have been focusing on sleep issues with adults, children and families.  You can find my sleep treatment and coaching site at