The Breakup Coach

No Man-Haters Here

Here at you'll find jokes and comments that take shots at a specific group of men: ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. This might mistakenly give the impression that it's a man-hating website.

In the Breakup Coach's circle (aka the Breakup Babes) we LOVE men. We have wonderful fathers, brothers, sons, and friends--some of us have great boyfriends and husbands too. Our intention with this site is to provide a safe and fun place to vent and do what we need to do to get over relationships that are ending, so everyone can move on.

It's good for women because it lets us work through our anger and move on to a better, happier place. It's better for the men who will love us in the future (let's get this stuff out now so the next guy doesn't have to pay for our past struggles). It's better for all the dads, brothers, and male friends who love us right now but who don't have any idea what to do or say when we burst into tears for the tenth time in front of them; they can send us here!

Heck, it's even better for the ex's who are no longer really in our lives (you know, the ones we're making fun of?). If we're venting about them, making jokes at their expense and drawing doodles on their pictures in a supportive, structured environment we're a whole lot less likely to drunk dial them or key their car (not that any Breakup Babe would ever, ever do anything like that. We're waay too classy and high-road for that, but we might think about it once in a while).

I made the choice to gear this new site toward women to provide focus and a stronger sense of community, though I'll continue to work with men individually and I'll still answer some of the guys' questions in my Ask the BreakUp Coach section. So no, we don't hate men. We love men. We just don't like the particular ones who broke our hearts or are stringing us along in relationship limbo-land. Down the line we may create a brother site just for the fellas. In the meantime some readers on this site and supporters of The Breakup Coach are guys. And just like in that deodorant commercial, a lot of the stuff here will work for a man even though it's made for a woman. So if you happen to have a Y chromosome, welcome to the site and just ignore those jokes. They're aimed at those "other guys" anyway.

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