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October 29, 2009 / 0 COMMENTS

Your iPhone as Breakup Buddy: An App That Protects You From Your Drunk-Dialing Self

Too often during a breakup the phone can become our enemy. It sits there, mocking us with cruel silence while we wait for it to ring with that call from the ex begging us to take him back. And it's all too willing to enable those ill-conceived calls when we're feeling desperate, drunk, or both (that dreaded double-d). I suggested one trick to help you prevent this, but it's good to have multiple weapons in your arsenal against that other dreaded double-D, drunk dialing.

That's why an app that actually helps prevent buzzed calling is such a cool idea. The Bad Decision Blocker is available on iTunes and apparently works by blocking your ability to call selected contacts for a duration of your choosing--good for when you're planning a night on the town or you're anticipating an especially lonely weekend. You can also choose an option that sends a password to a trusted friend who will decide later when you can be trusted to have control over the phone again.

It does have limits--it can't stop you from dialing the number if you know it by heart, but at least it'll give you a few moments to reconsider as you're punching those keys.

If you don't have an iPhone you can always choose the lower-tech version: hand over your cell to a good friend or trusty bartender until you're in a more rational frame of mind.

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