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October 7, 2009 / 0 COMMENTS

Breakover-Breakup-Recovery Tip #7: Seeing things differently

Ok, so if you're getting over a breakup then hopefully you've already made some changes by following my previous breakover tips. By this point you've given your bed a makeover and you've also changed up what your nose knows. In fact, hopefully you've read all of the posts that come up when you click the "breakover" link to the right.

Now you're ready to do some changin' and rearrangin' elsewhere. This time we're going for VISUAL changes. When your eyes take in an environment that you see frequently and things look different, your mind registers the change and your experience feels newer and fresher, even if you don't consciously realize it. So move a few things in your living space around. Pick at least 3 of these (extra credit if you do more and/or think of some changes of your own)

Switch the pictures around on the walls.

Rearrange your books on their shelves (This is a really good one--you have no idea how much your brain registers the order of those books, especially if they've been set up the same way for a long time).

Shift a rug or rugs around to a new position or angle--if it's straight across try a jaunty diagonal for a while.

Move the TV to a new spot, even if it's one foot to the left or the right.

Mirrors are a good choice for moving--that way you can see yourself in a new light (ok, that one was cheesy, I admit it)

If you can, move your bed so it's facing in a new direction; at least try shifting it a foot or two to one side.

If the blinds are usually closed, open them; or switch the curtains between two different rooms.

Sit in a different place to eat. If you usually sit on the couch, sit at the table or vice versa.

If you have one, shift your work or study space around as much as you can. Put a new screensaver on your monitor. This one is especially good if you go to an office or other location to work since now you'll have 2 different places where you see things differently.

With each change you will be taking a step toward rewiring your brain for the fabulous new life you're transitioning into. As you do that, you'll be more open to new experiences, new adventures, and eventually, new love.

*Special thanks to Angie Lusk, advice-giver extraordinaire, for coming up with some of the change suggestions above. You can check out her excellent blog here.

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