Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Through Reverse Psychology

Do a quick thought experiment with me.

Consider yourself a kid again. Ponder all the times your parents told you that you couldn’t do something.

Now, tell me honestly: did their warnings always prevent you from engaging in those behaviors?

Alternately, did you occasionally just go ahead and do it?

I’m sure you admitted that you defied your parents sometimes. The reason for this is that it has a strong psychological effect that many people find difficult to resist.

Is it possible to use the same technique to win back the affections of a former boyfriend?

We’ll give you the answer right now: If, however, you are interested in learning how to use reverse psychology to win back your ex-boyfriend, you should keep reading.

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Why do we need Reverse Psychology?

The first step in this tutorial is to define what we mean by “reverse psychology.” In the introduction, you got a taste of it, but now we’ll go into more detail.

To put it simply, reverse psychology occurs when we feel compelled to disobey an established norm. It’s very common among young people.

Consider a wall that has a sign warning you not to touch it because the paint is still wet.

In fact, you might be hesitant to even touch it. Now that you’ve seen a sign warning you not to touch the paint, you may be suspicious that it is toxic. really wet.

If you look at it for long enough, you’ll feel compelled to reach out and see if it’s wet. Just wait a while, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll find a few hand or fingerprints on the wall from people who share your opinion.

How come this keeps occurring? It would be easier if we just did what we were told.

What it comes down to is a fundamental aspect of human nature as well as the essence of reverse psychology:

As humans, we often desire things that are out of our reach.

Something strange happens: when we can’t have or do something, we want it all the more.

You could have a driveway full of pretty rocks, but that wouldn’t necessarily make you want to start wearing them as jewelry. However, a common gemstone isn’t going to cut it; rather, you’ll need something rare and beautiful.

It makes no difference that these things require more work to obtain. As a matter of fact, that is a major selling point.

That gemstone, or anything else that is difficult to acquire, has status symbol value. When others see you succeed where they have failed, it gives them hope that they, too, can achieve the seemingly impossible.

The same holds true for men. They have unrealistic expectations of love and other relationships.

Your objective is to turn yourself into the girl he can’t have.

The ultimate goal of your plan to win back your ex is to transform yourself into a rare gemstone or a wall with a wet paint sign. (Maybe the second one is a stretch…)

Keep in mind that the whole point of reverse psychology is to make us desire something that we wouldn’t normally be able to have or accomplish. You’ll need all your acting skills to convince your ex that you don’t want him, no matter how much you miss him.

What’s most important is that he understands, or at least suspects, that you don’t want him. thanks a lot . Even if it’s not true, he needs to believe that you have other, preferable options and that he has rivals.

So, how do you get back together if that’s your ultimate goal?

Relax; it’s not as hard as you might think. Here, we’ll show you how to do it the right way.

In other words, don’t touch anyone.

Create scarcity for yourself as the first step in the Gemstone Strategy. If he can easily contact you via text, social media, or even in person, he has no incentive to go out of his way to pursue you.

For all intents and purposes, he will assume that you are present.

This is why we advocate for a strict no-contact policy. By not communicating with him for a predetermined period of time, you will become a rare jewel.

The minimum time we recommend doing this for is one month. That shoul be plenty of time for him to start missing you and wondering what you’re up to.

You won’t be doing nothing during your no contact period either. The first part of your plan may be focused on rest and recuperation, but the second part will be carried out during the middle of your no contact period…

Concentrate on bettering yourself.

And this is what we mean when we say to start on phase two of your plan even as you are in the midst of a no contact period.

You’ll start kicking butt instead of just sitting around counting the hours until you can see him again. But not in a literal sense; rather, it was a metaphor for life.

Do you have an interest that you’ve never had time to pursue? Can you think of a project that you’ve been putting off because you never seem to have “enough time?” ”

What are you waiting for? Do it now!

At this point in the Gemstone Strategy, you should be focusing on bolstering your own self-assurance. As much as possible, you want to improve upon your current self.

That’ll get us one step closer to the solution.

Try to reconnect with him through conversation, but do so subtly.

You can’t expect your ex-boyfriend to simply walk back into your life and into your arms. To let him know you’re willing to talk, you’ll need to initiate contact.

After a period of no contact, this is especially crucial. He has been waiting in secret for you to contact him through phone, text, or online for that duration of time, and you haven’t.

There’s a chance he thinks you’re trying to permanently avoid him; if so, you owe it to him to set the record straight.

It’s true that you intend to contact him once more (likely via text), but you won’t make things simple for him. Start by interacting with him in conversation so he feels comfortable answering your questions.

Interrogate him. Start a lively discussion with him.

But don’t give him the impression that you’re his slave. If you’re at a loss for words or you can feel him backing away, tell him you have to go.

Stop what you’re doing and text him again when you’re both free.

Don’t immediately respond to his text message, even if you’re still interested in continuing your conversation. Let him sit there and brood for a while.

Joke around with him.

Next, up the ante by flirting with him ever-so-slightly as you engage in back-and-forth conversation.

Drop some flirty hints here and there, like how much you miss spending time together. Share a story about a fantastic date you two went on.

Hold off on getting too sentimental just yet. Don’t take this chance to express how much you miss him and long for him to return.

If you ever meet him in person, your approach will be similar. You should dress to impress while also incorporating some subtle flirting into the mix.

Smilingly observe him as you leave the meeting will show him that you were paying attention. You’ll forever have a special place in his thoughts.

Please don’t stop being awesome.

For this, the meat of our reverse psychology plan, we may ask for a drum roll.

You must always push yourself to improve and grow into a better person. Get to work on accomplishing all your long-delayed objectives.

No matter what happens between you and your ex, he will eventually recognize you for the precious gem that you are — or someone else will.

However, most breakups leave us with an unfavorable impression of our exes. It will be easier for him to move on from you if he has a negative mental image of you in which your flaws are emphasized.

But if you challenge yourself to improve in those areas, he will realize that his perception of you is inaccurate.

In fact, he will notice that you look much better in person than in his head. That is the secret to the success of this Gemstone Strategy and the essence of reverse psychology.

When you improve your appearance, his interest in you increases, and he makes more of an effort to win you back. All of this is a result of his false belief that you don’t require his help.


You can win back your ex-boyfriend through a variety of strategies, one of which is the use of reverse psychology. It’s potent, for sure, but it won’t make him want you again just because of that.

You should employ multiple methods simultaneously for the best results. Since no two men are the same, it’s likely that a combination of strategies will prove most effective.






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