The Breakup Coach

Wouldn't it be great if you could have your own personal BreakUp Coach to help get you through it? Now you can!

I'll send you daily personalized messages, tailored just for you based on the information you provide when you sign up. Just choose the program that best fits where you are right now, take a minute to answer a few questions so that your program can be personalized for you, and we're ready to get started.
The BreakUp Coach

BreakOver Bootcamp *free*

A "BreakOver" is a full-on life makeover you can choose for yourself during or after a breakup to feel better, look better, and just be better off than you were before the breakup. Signing up for this series of customized messages is like getting your own personal BreakOver coach and trainer. You'll feel like the BreakUp Coach is working right by your side, encouraging and challenging you with specific instructions and tips for getting through it and coming out better than ever.    

BreakUp Blankie *free*

Feeling heartbroken and just not ready (yet) for stretching, growing, and challenging yourself? This is the program for you. These gentle words of encouragement from The BreakUp Coach personalized just for you will help you build up your strength and get you ready to start kicking butt later during your BreakOver.