The Breakup Coach

If you're feeling really down and just not ready (yet) for stretching, growing, challenging yourself, and generally making your life over to be even better than before the BreakUp, this is the program for you. These gentle words of encouragement will help you build up your strength and get ready for the breakover to come. It's the next-best thing to watching a good movie under a warm fuzzy blanket with your best bud.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in all the information carefully since we'll be using it to personalize your messages from the BreakUp Coach. Don't use any punctuation or weird characters. If you don't fill it in right, the messages may not make sense.

First Name:
(ex: Sally)

City/Town where you live:
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A silly, not-so-flattering nickname for your ex.
Don't use his actual name:
(examples: "Mr. Can't Commit" or "Sir WhinesaLot")

A word or short phrase to describe your best quality.
Finish this sentence: I am
(examples: "amazingly creative" or "deeply compassionate"):

Describe 2 feelings you would most like to feel?
Use one word for each: &
(examples: "confident" or "peaceful" or "sexy")


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